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Shahzaad Ausman

Shahzaad Ausman is a movie producer who is responsible for making sure an appealing, high-quality movie is produced on time and within budget.

Shahzaad Ausman - Discover types of acting jobs that you can get after completing

California Shahzaad Ausman do you have a passion for acting and a dream of working in the performing arts? A degree in acting is a great way for aspiring actors to get a foot in the industry and develop the skills needed for a career in theatre, film, television and radio.‍


Film and TV Actor/Actress

Dreaming of gracing the big screen one day? Or maybe the television screen? A career as a film or TV actor/actress will be highly rewarding and a degree in acting can help make that happen. This is one of the most sought after jobs for actors. 

Stage Actor/Actress

A career in acting can take you in a number of different directions. Maybe you live for the applause and would prefer to perform to a live audience. An acting degree can help kickstart your degree on-stage also, whether that be performing in dramas, comedies or musicals.

Photography Model

Photography models are hired by companies to advertise their clothing or products in a variety of formats, including magazines, television, catalogues and billboards. In order to portray the brand or product image, photography models need to master the art of changing posture and facial expressions, which are skills taught in an acting degree.

TV Presenter

A television presenter is someone who works for a TV network as the host of a television program. TV presenters introduce reporters and offer commentary on various news, sports and events. Successful TV presenters are excellent communicators, calm under pressure and have the ability to improvise when necessary.

Radio Actor/Actress

Similar to a TV presenter, a radio actor/actress is the introductory voice of a radio broadcast, whose job is to keep the show flowing in order to entertain an audience. Their roles include interviewing, introducing, informing audiences about weather, news and sport and creating a conversation with listeners.

Radio DJ

Radio DJ’s do more than just pick and play music. The job also involves researching and talking about new music, artists, touring information and chart updates, scheduling music, announcing upcoming songs and even interviewing artists and guests.

Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists use their voice acting skills to portray a character or provide information to an audience. The job of a voiceover artist requires people to use their voices across a number of audio works, including for cartoons, video games, commercials and much more.

Master of Ceremonies/Public Speaker

A master of ceremonies (also known as an emcee) hosts staged events, performances and parties. It is their job to introduce speakers, make announcements and keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Theatre Director

A theatre director is the person in charge of the creative vision of a theatre production. They cast actors, guide script read-throughs and play runs and oversee creative decisions regarding set, costume, tech and design.

Theatre Producer

A theatre producer works behind the scenes to ensure that a stage production happens on time and within budget. They oversee the production’s budget, set ticket prices, choose performance dates and times and develops the production’s marketing strategy move-central.com. Ultimately, theatre producers are problem solvers and are a valuable part of the artistic team.

Stage Manager

Stage managers work alongside the director and artistic team of a stage production to ensure that rehearsals and performances run smoothly. They perform a number of roles, including assisting with administrative and preparatory tasks, communicate with cast and crew, take notes in rehearsal and call the show.

Evidently, a degree in acting provides students with a number of opportunities beyond just the starring role. The acting programme at APAC teaches students to use speech, movement and expression to bring characters to life and equips graduates with the skills and tools required for film and stage work all over the world.

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